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Forum Rules

Post  GhoulScout on Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:42 pm

These boards are an online community, a place for members of the Omen Union and Friends and other MapleStory Players to interact, share information, trade and leave messages.
None Union members are welcome to use the forums.


* Please use your ingame names as your forum name when possible

* Make sure your In game name is somewhere on your profile

* Please put your active alt character names on your profile

* Add your guild to your profile

* Dont start fights

* No forum account sharing
Please do NOT share accounts with any one else other than your self. If any one is suspected of account sharing their forum account will be suspended. And any guild members sharing accountswill risk being expelled from the guild.

* Dont Bully other Members, this includes, name calling, cursing, and generally being rude to other members.

* Dont post here to tell us that you hate HellBound/ MapleStory or any other related things

* Dont Spam, please dont try to get your post count up, other wise, ill just reset it

* No drama llamas, any one causing drama will just get an IP ban and deleted posts

* Have Fun!

Failure to follow the rules, will result in a warning then depending on the seriousness a ban from the forums or even a kick from the guild.

If you need any more information about the rules of this board, then contact either myself or a JrMaster.

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