HellBound Guild Rules

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HellBound Guild Rules

Post  GhoulScout on Sun Dec 06, 2009 11:47 pm

Here are a few of basic rules for the HellBound guild:

* No Hacking: Any member caught hacking will be kicked from the guild. They will also be placed on a black list and other guilds will be informed that you hack. This also applies to partying hackers.

* No Scamming: Scamming is not allowed, do not scam for any sort of reason, such as Fame, NX, items. Any scammers will be removed from the guild.

* Kill Stealing: Kill stealing of any kind is not allowed in the union. This counts as Kill stealing some one when you cant find a map. You will be removed from the guild if you are found to be kill stealing.

* Boss/ Channel Stealing: Please be aware that taking Another guilds channel at bosses counts as kill stealing. This also goes for some area bosses and Elite bosses. This is not allowed in HellBound

* Smega Wars And Drama: Any members causing drama in the union will be removed, and any one who decided a smega war is fun will also be removed. We do not appreciate drama llamas.

* Account Sharing: Account sharing with any one outside of the union is strictly forbidden. If there are circumstances in where you need a friend/ family member to log on to your account then please inform me or a Jr master before. Account sharing is a serious violation and could result in you being expelled from the union. This also applies to forum account sharing if any one is caught sharing a forum account then their account will be suspended.

* Merchanting: No Spamming 'S> Items' or 'B> Items' In guild/ union chat, and certainly NO trying to rip each other off, don’t ask to buy an item if you’re not willing to pay full price for it. And No Merching off each other.

* Spamming: No spamming in guild/ union chat. And No repeating your self constantly to get the attention of others. If some one doesn’t reply to a question it means they don’t know or they are afk.
No talking on one line:
This is a 200+ member union and we have alot of people online. People can not keep up with the conversations if you talk like this.

* Union/ Guild Chat: Please respect Union chat and do not spam there. English language only in union and guild chats.

* No Bullying: This counts as: Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Ageism, no mocking peoples religions, no mocking peoples life styles. You have to remember we have a wide diversity in the guild of all ages/ sexes/ religions/ colour/ sexuality. You have to remember that people from around the world play this game and we are all individuals.

* Respect: Respect your Jr masters, their decision is final. If they kick some one don’t cause a fuss but if you have a problem then please talk to me or another JR or send me a pm on the forums. The Jr masters position in the guild is exactly the same as the masters.

* Respect #2: Please respect your fellow guild members, don’t be ripping each other off with prices, give advice and help when needed.

* Don’t be a Dick: Running around calling every one a Noob gets annoying.... This also counts as being mean to other guild members or other Maplers, don’t tell other people 'OMGz my Dmgz pwnz yrz' feel free to give people advice on how to build a better char, but don’t tell them theirs is shit and yours is awesome.

* Be Active!: Yes I know some of you actually have lives outside of Maple Story! But let me know if you’re going on holiday or vacation So you dont get kicked, a simple post on the forums should suffice.

* Help Each other Out: A guild is for helping each other. So help each other out with quests, player quests and give advice when needed.

* Forums: All members must be active on the guilds forums. Checking and posting on the forums atleast once a week

And Most of all have fun!

Breaking any of the above rules may result in being kicked from the guild. Members will be given a total of 3 warnings from My self or a Jr Master. Serious cases such as Hacking or Scamming will result in a Permanent fast ban from the guild and will be reported to Nexon.

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Re: HellBound Guild Rules

Post  Stephy on Sun Apr 06, 2014 6:19 pm

Bumping this topic! 
Some people forget to read those rules & to follow them.


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