HellBound Guild And Union Information

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HellBound Guild And Union Information

Post  GhoulScout on Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:02 am

HellBound Information

HellBound was created in June 2008 in EMS Kradia, by a lvl 40 noob called GhoulScout. Named after her favourite Movie, HellRaiser: HellBound. I'm a bit obsessed with Horror movies, hence the guild name.

HellBound had a long run as a top guild in Europe MapleStory, but now we are a small guild of old members and mules. All old members & friends are welcome to re-join on mules for nostalgia and chats! Just let me know your ingame name!

Also....despite what you may think we aren't a guild full of Satanists!

Guild Union [Omen]

In Our Guild Union You Will Find:

* HellBound 

* HeilBound (HellBound) Jr Guild To HellBound

* HeiiBound (HellBound) Mule Guild

* Pandemonium  Mule Guild

Read The Guild Rules Here: http://www.hellboundems.com/t4-hellbound-guild-rules

Guild Master:
* GhoulScout

Or I can be found on:



Random Stuff:

This is where I got the guild name from: (My favourite Horror movie series)

Also this just tells you everything you need to know about the guild: (yes its a real movie)

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